Microsoft CRM/ERP

Microsoft Dynamics CRM bring about array features which are suitable and can be adapted by businesses albeit of their size or domain. It can act as a centralized system which can be moulded as per requirements and further remains as scalable system or evolve along with your growing business. It further extended its capabilities to integrate with other diverse systems to provide smooth functioning with legacy systems.

Basic – without additional coding

  • Entities and Custom Fields
  • Custom Forms
  • Process
  • Workflows
  • Rules

Intermediate – marginal need based codes

  • Values Mappings
  • Forms Fields
  • Error pops/ messages
  • Constraint Based Programming


  • Plugins
  • Integrations
  • Custom rule based Workflows
  • Web based application
Microsoft AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial Management

Financial Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you automate your business-critical financial processes so you and your people can be more effective

Increase your business without geographic constraints

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With Financial Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can purchase and activate additional functionality as the need arises. The solution can help you manage local legal and regulatory compliance, so you can maximize your tax treatments and create favorable business conditions in foreign markets. You can also employ extensive tax management functionality to choose from a wide range of options for tax calculations, posting and reporting.

Improve the efficiency of your financial operations and enable strategic planning activities

Fully integrated with other functionality inside Microsoft Dynamics AX, like as project finance, logistics, trade, production, Asset Management and others, the solution can help you register financial data in the ledger in realtime, reflecting the business flow and securing fast and accurate financial reporting. Connectivity across modules lets you trace transactions to their origin, so you can verify and analyze transactions immediately or on demand, to support external or internal audits. You can ensure the security of critical data by allowing information access or approval privileges based on job function or other criteria.

You can use Financial Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX to execute financial operations from a single corporate database, thereby reducing time-intensive, repetitive administrative tasks and helping your team move from strictly tactical activities to more strategic ones. You can consolidate results online across multiple companies, and a customization user interface and on-line help functionality helps deliver low training costs.